Masilonyana Municipality water interdict brought against DA


The Masilonyana Municipality today lost an urgent interdict it brought against the DA in the Bloemfontein High Court.

Masilonyana, which includes the towns of Brandfort, Theunissen and Verkeerdevlei, applied for an urgent interdict on Monday to stop the DA from providing water to residents.

The case was dismissed with costs. In announcing his decision, Judge Jordaan said the public isn’t forced to use the water supplied by the DA.

He alluded that the municipality had knowledge that the DA had been supplying water to the community since May this year.  Jordaan also described an argument by the municipality that the water could affect public health as a “speculative allegation”.

Masilonyana argued that the borehole water supplied to residents hadn’t been tested by the Sedibeng Water Board and could therefore be contaminated.

However, the DA argued that the water they are providing comes from the same boreholes as those used by Masilonyana.