Many injured in weekend accidents

N8 Tree Accident: credit: Twitter (@ArriveAlive)

A light motor vehicle crashed into a tree on the N8 close to East End on Sunday around 00:40. According to Trauma Response Africa’s spokesperson, Stanley Schimper, the driver escaped with only minor injuries.

“He was treated on the scene by paramedics before being transported to 3 Military Hospital for further care,” Schimper said.

Spokesperson for the Free State Department of Roads, Police and, Kabelo Moloabi, could not be reached for comment.

Dr Belcher collsion: Twitter (@ArriveAlive)

In an unrelated accident, two vehicles collided on the Dr Belcher Road in Heidedal on Sunday evening at around 23:20. Schimper says the occupants of both vehicles refused transport to the hospital as they escaped with little or minor injuries.

Langenhoven accident: credit: Twitter (@ArriveAlive)

Finally, a water meter in a townhouse complex in Langenhoven Park was damaged after an unidentified man drove into the meter before driving into the complex fence on Saturday around 00:20.

According to Schimper, upon arrival at the scene, paramedics found that the driver had already left the scene.