Mangaung’s billing system not yet impeccable



Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality admits that they still have a problem with their water billing system.

According to Mangaung’s Nthabiseng Mokotjo, they are still not where they would want to be in terms of the billing system but they are trying their best. She explained that residents who are not happy with their estimated water readings should go to the municipality and they will deal with the estimates by providing proper water readings and residents will end up no longer being estimated.

“We are reaching out to residents to say that they should come to us. The problem with residents that are estimated is that it is critically that we must actually be sure that a resident is being charged for what they consume. We want to introduce prepaid water metering so that residents can be able to control consumption just like with electricity,” she said.

Mokotjo said water estimation comes with two responses whereby the estimates are in favour of a resident by paying lower than what they consumed or overestimated. She added that when a resident has been overestimated, the municipality will lower the amount.