Mangaung updates residents on water situation


Mangaung Metro Municipality has issued a statement notifying residents that BloemWater is still continuing with the process of filling all lines that were affected by the water shutdown during the weekend.

The added that they are aware that some areas such as Vista Park, Bloemanda, Phase 2, Rocklands, Phelindaba, Lourierpark etc. are still without water, and that the team is working around the clock to ensure that water is restored.

They added that following BloemWater’s planned maintenance activities last week, a burst pipe was discovered along the R702 Dewetsdorp road on Friday morning while the technicians were busy filling up the line. This led to an emergency shutdown of the water supply, which affected most areas in Bloemfontein, Dewetsdorp and Wepener, for repair work.

“The BloemWater team worked around the clock to repair the burst pipe, and some areas started receiving water last yesterday afternoon,” concluded the statement.