Mangaung should have closed dangerous quarry


Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality should learn to take immediate action when ward councillors or residents complain.

This is according to DA ward councillor Hendrik Minnie. Minnie’s statement comes after seventeen-year-old Attie Singer drowned in the Corobrik quarry at Heidedal after he went swimming with his four friends in Bloemfontein on Tuesday. Minnie said Mangaung Metro should always take action when warned before something drastic happens.

“This is not the first time that a child or a human being has drowned in that big quarry. That quarry is about forty-three km deep. I have requested the municipality on various occasions to make sure that the area where the quarry is situated is safe and is fenced so that people don’t go and play around it or swim there,” he said.

Minnie clarified that the municipality cannot be blamed for Attie’s drowning. He alleged that the Corobrik quarry known to be dangerous belongs to Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality. Minnie added that he once again requested for its closure, last November.

“The deputy Mayor Connie Rampai had a sarcastic answer that what I raised at a council meeting was not part of the discussion or council agenda and shouldn’t discuss the matter there. The land belonged to a private owner and he sold it back to the municipality,” he said.  – Mark Steenbok