Mangaung server restored, Mlamleli to investigate cause

Photo: TechRepublic

After crashing about two weeks ago, Mangaung Metro’s server has been restored. The municipality issued a statement declaring that the server has been restored although the cause of the server crash has not yet been verified.

According to the municipality, initial indications showed that it may be as a result of a series of consecutive power interruptions, but this is yet to be confirmed.

The statement also said that the Executive Mayor, Olly Mlamleli, intends on approaching Council to allow her to establish an internal enquiry on what caused the crash. The municipality believes that the outcome of this enquiry will assist them to review their current IT strategy and mitigate on any chances of this happening again.

It was also stated that this team will look at the capacity of the Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) sub-directorate within the metro itself and the amount of investment the city is dedicating to IT infrastructure.

The municipality added that it is mindful of the recently released PWC report on the lack of investment by municipalities on their Information Technology (IT) systems. This report pays special attention to government and IT. It has been found that municipalities do not budget sufficiently for their IT systems. As part of their financial recovery plan, IT is one of the focal areas that has been prioritised by Mangaung.

‘We would like to inform the City’s employees, stakeholders and any other person who does business with the municipality, that the server is up and running. We are of course mindful of the inconvenience that this has caused – from rates collection to general enquiries,’  the statement read.