Mangaung registers waste reclaimers following gang stabbing

Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality in the Free State reveals it is in the process of officially registering waste reclaimers.

This will be done to allow for better access control following a gang-related stabbing incident at a landfill located in Bloemfontein’s north on Tuesday.

Mangaung spokesperson, Qondile Khedama, tells OFM News the details are yet to be ironed out, but in addition to this the metro has already erected a fence around the landfill where the incident occurred last week.

Khedama says while these measures will enhance access control, there are other intervention programmes that will be employed at the landfill site.

OFM News spoke to an eyewitness a few hours after ambulances were seen exiting the landfill site, who explained the landfills in the north and the south of Bloemfontein are at the centre of a turf war between two well-known Free State gangs, namely ‘The Roma’ and the ‘Born to Kill’ gangs.

Khedama confirms the eyewitness’ assertion, adding the turf war between the waste reclaimers is based on the need for reclaimable materials. He says the municipality conducts operations with police from time to time to ensure the area remains safe, however, instances of violence at the sites tend to flare up again, irrespective of measures in place. Police spokesperson, Thabo Covane, tells OFM News a case of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm has been registered. Police says two of those assaulted are being treated at the Pelonomi Hospital. Covane says no arrests have been made.

The landfill site in the northern parts of the Free State capital has been a source of discontent for many residents living there. People have complained to OFM News previously about the fires at the dumpsite and the health risk it poses. Now the question of safety has propped up. To this end, Khedama assures the public a fence has been erected at the site, which was finished last week.

OFM News/Olebogeng Motse