Mangaung prison torture report to be availed to public

The North Gauteng High Court has on Friday ordered, the Department of Correctional Services to publicise its potentially damning report into the notorious Mangaung private prison, outside Bloemfontein.

The report is expected to delve into allegations, first revealed by the Wits Justice Project in 2013, of prisoners being tortured at the G4S-run maximum security prison. The Centre for Applied Legal Studies at Wits University were the applicants in the matter, and have according to their statement, been attempting to access the report in question since 2015.

A 2018 OFM News report on overcrowded prisons revealed that the private maximum security prison, located along the R 702 to Dewetsdorp from Bloemfontein, is in fact the largest in the Free State, accommodating just under 3000 prisoners.

In late 2019, the OFM News team was tipped off regarding murmurs on the ground, the Correctional Services Department was in the process of taking control of the prison. The latter party denied that this was the case, adding that this was nothing more than a rumour being passed around by the prison wardens. Some of these gross human rights violations including electroshocking and assault at the hands of the prison wardens.

This while the 49-year-old Goedemoed prison warder who stands accused of masterminding the murder of his colleague, Nomsa Stuurman in March 2019, appears in Rouxville Magistrate’s Court today. The officer is alleged to have bribed prisoner, and convicted murderer, Jongikhaya Samsam, with a pair of shoes and also promised him R100 000 to take out Stuurman.