Mangaung Pressure group demands rebuilding of the city


A Mangaung pressure group has demanded an additional oath of rebuilding the city be added to the council’s inauguration sitting. This is according to the acting Mangaung city manager, Sello More, while he was preciding over the swearing of councilors at Mangaung city hall.

More said he had told the community representatives that were outside the city hall he did not have the power to amend the oath of councillors, however, he would raise the issue with the relevant people.

Meanwhile, members of Mangaung Service Delivery Forum (MSDF) earlier said they had submitted a petition signed by more than 10 000 community members to the provincial office of the ANC on 19 November 2021 in which, among issues raised, were concerns regarding the previous political leaders at Mangaung Metro Municipality (MMM).

According to the MSDF chairperson, Potso Motoko, the group had planned to disrupt the proceedings at the city hall, however, disruptions have since been placed on hold as they are awaiting the decision from the ANC National Executive Committee (NEC). The NEC had a special session yesterday to consider nominations for mayoral candidates in metro municipalities.

Kekeletso Mosebetsi