Mangaung pays R5m for pothole damage claims in 3 years, with more pending


In response to a council meeting question by DA Councillor, Tjaart van der Walt, the Municipal Manager of Mangaung Metro Municipality has confirmed that it had received more than 434 pothole damage claims, of which 296 are still pending and it has paid out a massive R5 million between July 2019 and June 2022 for damages.

On the question of why it takes years to finalise claims the municipality answered that applicants take time to submit the required documentation. The engineering department, required to verify the claims, takes a long time to respond, It is required that the rates and taxes of a claimant must be up to date before a claim can be paid out and “as most residents are in arrears” this hampers finalisation. “We welcome the commitment that all of the 296 outstanding claims are currently being followed up with a view to resolving them but are concerned the efficiency of the process”.

In response to the question of what changes can be implemented to improve the situation, the municipality proposed; to prevent claims for maintenance/upgrades of roads, erecting visible warning signs and law enforcement to enforce speed reduction.

The DA will monitor and ensure dedicated officials are tasked to address the backlog on departmental reports; a contingency fund is created to settle claims that are within the excess insurance payment; to settle claims where execution letters or summons have been issued before municipal assets are attached; establishing a contingency office in the engineering department to improve and expedite accountability, availing budget to legal services to contest fraudulent claims and The DA will write to the municipal management to confirm these actions are implemented and that road maintenance is done to prevent further claims.

Compiled by Jeretha Oosthuizen