Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality says their the cheapest city



It’s a serious issue for people who don’t realise that their rates and taxes are charged according to the value of their properties.

This is according to the spokesperson of the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality, Qondile Khedama. He says the municipality regards itself as the cheapest city where people can live and invest.

Khedama says they are the cheapest in rates and taxes compared to other metropolitan municipalities in the country. He says the tariff structure of all municipalities changes annually and is affected by different things.

“The tariff for services like water and electricity don’t always remain the same. All those things are taken into consideration. There are regulatory bodies like Nersa that regulate the tariff structures of all municipalities. The other thing affecting the increase of rates and taxes is the property evaluation roll,” says Khedama.

He says if the value of a house increases, it will have an effect on the rates and taxes. Metro says people can still bring their rates and taxes queries. Meanwhile, some of DA councillors met with Metro’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) concerning residents who had objected to their property evaluations.

The DA says feedback will be given by the end of August to residents on how their objections and alterations have been finalised.