Mangaung Metro to quantify damages to the City Hall


The Mangaung Metro Municipality is yet to determine the cost to repair the damage at the Bloemfontein City Hall after it was set alight last week Wednesday.

There are also growing concerns that the National Drama Library documents and other historical paraphernalia which have been stored inside the building may have been destroyed.

The municipal spokesperson, Qondile Khedama, says they have noted the trail of destruction in the city and disappointed, especially with the burning of the City Hall, which forms part of the history of Mangaung.

Khedama says at this stage they are still not sure of the extent of the damage and are working around the clock to ensure that they bring stability into the city.

He says assessments into how much it will cost to repair the damage will follow as soon as they have engaged all the necessary stakeholders.

“As the city we are disappointed, especially in the burning of a building that forms part of the history of Mangaung. This is a monumental and historical building. Other than it being used by the broader community for their activities it resembles the aesthetic view of the city, and has turned out to be one of the city’s landmarks.”

He says the police are currently conducting forensic investigations into the matter, but we will also be quantifying the monetary damage in due time.

“We would once again like to reassure the citizens of Mangaung that as the city, we are trying our level best to ensure that the situation is normalised.”

Katleho Morapela-