Mangaung Metro Employee Suspended For Racist Remarks

A screenshot of the comments allegedly made by suspended MMM employee, Chris Kruger. Credit: Facebook

An employee of the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality in Bloemfontein has been suspended following racist remarks made by him about the Spur video which was trending a few days ago.

The employee, known as Chris Kruger, took to his Facebook page to express his feelings on the matter, saying: “All the blacks are bastards in my eyes. She should be bleeding if I was that man… for sure. Blacks belong in the locations and not in public places in town.”

Executive Mayor, Olly Mlamleli, said this comment has led to his suspension yesterday and he is under further investigation. Mlamleli said: “I am angered by this incident because it shows that since 1994, he has not embraced the concept of a racist-free, integrated society, but is instead still holding on to racism. He has been carrying the racism in his heart, in his head, in his body and now that he could not keep it inside anymore, it is coming out of his mouth. How dare he say that we belong in locations! If he wants to leave the country, he should. In a democratic South Africa, we all have the right to live where we want to. He should not tell us where to live.”

She expressed her disappointment in the incident and condemned all such actions as they perpetuate racism as well as violence against women and children, which are issues many in the country are working hard to eradicate.

Kruger, who worked under the Social Services Department, will be suspended indefinitely until all investigations and legal processes against him have been completed.

Pulane Choane- Courant News