Mangaung Metro case against Heidedal residents postponed

The court battle between irate Heidedal residents and the embattled Mangaung Metro Municipality continued on Thursday in the Free State High Court.

The matter centres on a 30% stake in the controversial Integrated Public Transport Network (IPTN) Hauweng project and seems to be far from over, with residents threatening to continue with the proceedings unperturbed.

The case, between at least seven residents and the metro, follows after residents in Ward  47 – the biggest in Mangaung – blocked the multimillion-rand project and accused the metro of sidelining residents, particularly coloured people, from the project.

Residents say according to legislation, if the project is above R30 million, the tender should subcontract a minimum of 30% of the value of the contract to surrounding communities.

Meanwhile, the matter was postponed to February 27, 2020, and extended the interim order in favour of the metro against residents.

The resident’s case was dealt a blow by the unavailability of their legal representative, Simba Chitando, after his flight from Johannesburg to Bloemfontein with South African Airways (SAA) was delayed and later cancelled.

During a judgment to postpone the matter, the judge also made an order to some of the residents before the court to submit their court papers or responding affidavits before 22 November in their defence on what transpired with the shutdown on 22 July.