Mangaung Metro is awaiting new names for streets and buildings


The Mangaung Metro Municipality has started with public meetings to get input for the naming and renaming of main roads, streets, town areas and public buildings within the metro area.
Metro spokesperson, Qondile Khedama, says the municipality has started the process in conjunction with the Free State Geographical Names Committee.
He says the naming and renaming process, managed by the office of the metro’s Speaker, is for roads, buildings, beacons and town areas in Vanstadensrus, Wepener, Dewetsdorp, Soutpan, Botshabelo, Thaba Nchu and Bloemfontein.
Khedama says residents should remember that new suggestions must adhere to certain criteria.
These include names that have already been approved for other places, names of places in other areas and other countries, places with spellings and pronunciations too close to existing place names, names that are blasphemous, offensive, indecent, vulgar and discriminating.
Khedama says the announcement as well as details of the naming and renaming process is available on the metro’s website and Facebook page. Residents can also contact and visit the office of the Speaker to get more information on the process.
The metro has also published dates when public hearings will be held with communities of the different metro areas.
Submissions must be handed in at the Speaker’s office on or before 14 March 2017. – André Grobler