Mangaung investigates illegal strike action by employees

About 100 workers gathered outside the municipal offices on Friday morning to enquire about outstanding overtime payments and deductions on their monthly salaries. Photo: Katleho Morapela.

On Friday, 24 February 2017, a number of employees of Mangaung Metro engaged on an illegal strike that disrupted services of the municipality and in particular, at the Bram Fischer building.

The said employees damaged and destroyed municipal property and caused major flooding in the building to the extent that electricity infrastructure was affected. A number of facilities on the ground were damaged and internet servers were also affected. The city is currently quantifying the damage caused by employees who were demanding to be paid overtime.

The Executive Mayor has set up a committee that is currently looking at the strike itself. The committee is made of both political leadership and administration, and is currently engaging with labour representatives. As part of the resolution, Corporate Services is looking at the manpower that the city has within the affected directorates and is busy with the verification process so that it pays the deserving employees i.e overtime.

We have also picked up allegations of service delivery sabotage, which is a matter currently under investigation and criminal cases will be opened where necessary. There are ongoing meetings that are exploring the lasting solution into issues regarding overtime. The events that unfolded on 24 February are strongly discouraged.

The management and leadership of the city will continue to engage with employee representatives and is committed to find lasting solutions to issues and challenges that emerge from time to time.

The city would also like to apologise to members of the community who didn’t get a response into some of their service delivery enquiries that came as a result of the illegal strike.

Statement Issued