Mangaung faces total shutdown – DA


In an unprecedented crisis for a Metro Municipality, every service provider to Mangaung Metro has today stopped their services, in protest of outstanding payments from the Metro.
This has resulted in an immediate stop to numerous critical services, and will see sewerage, sanitation and water purification, among others severely affected.
Mayor Olly Mlamleli, in just three months of leadership, has done nothing other than to bring about this very concerning crisis.
The DA is very concerned for the immediate well-being of residents, who have seen services stopped today, and for the municipality as a whole where services providers in departments such as finance and public safety will have vacated their posts today.
The DA has long pushed for a solution to the late payment calamity in Mangaung and we requested an urgent meeting with Mayor Mlamleli a week ago to discuss averting this issue but she ignored our request and did not meet with us. This crisis is now on her hands.
The Constitution of South Africa section 152 (b) and (d) states that local government is to ensure the provision of services to communities in a sustainable manner and promote a safe and healthy environment for all its residents. Mangaung cannot do this while it allows service providers to withdraw their services due to late payment.
It has become clear that the ANC is failing in its constitutional mandate and the residents of the Metro are carrying the burden of ANC financial failures.
Mayor Mlamleli must urgently negotiate the return to service of all service providers, and her leadership is truly at stake in this crisis.

Statement supplied by the DA