Man struck by truck

The man who was struck died on the scene PHOTO: PIERCE VAN HEERDEN

An accident occurred this morning when a man was hit by a truck on the N1 towards Universitas. A man allegedly tried to cross the road when he was first struck and run over by a truck, followed by a smaller vehicle which also ran over the body.

The man died on the scene. When Bloemfontein Courant arrived on the scene, authorities were busy clearing up the road. An eyewitness, Elmarie Venter, who daily uses the route, said a truck hit and ran over the victim when he allegedly tried to cross the road.

The shocked truck driver immediately pulled over and then a smaller car, which was behind the truck, also drove over the man. “The man looked as if he could be a homeless person as he was not wearing any shoes,” she said. When the truck driver got out, he was in such a state and that he immediately started vomiting, most probably the result of shock. Fortunately a driver of a red bakkie ‘thought on his feet’ and put on his hazard lights to warn oncoming traffic and to prevent anyone else from driving over the man.

“It was a terrible sight to see; all of us were moving fast as it was peak traffic on the freeway. The poor man just lay there like a lifeless doll,” she added. Bloemfontein Courant tried to get comment from authorities at the scene but it was difficult for them to respond. Police spokesperson Thabo Covane has been contacted but is yet to respond.

Heidre Malgas