Man convicted after extreme cruel treatment of 10 dogs


An animal cruelty case that resulted in the death of ten dogs has been put to rest this week after a successful conviction of the perpetrator. Two greyhounds, a boerboel cross breed and several puppies had to be euthanised by the SPCA after they were found in inhumane conditions in Ladybrand.

According to SPCA Senior Inspector Reinet Meyer, they received complaints from residents of animal cruelty last year. “The dogs were on short chains, living in dirty conditions, with no food and water. Some of the dogs had no shelter in the ice cold town of Ladybrand in the middle of the winter.  The dogs were very thin and needed medical attention,” she said.

“Inspector Duan Matthee also found seven puppies being held in a small cage filled with mud and faeces. They too appeared to be sick,” added Meyer.

Perpetrator Kabelo Monyai was convicted of animal cruelty by the Ladybrand Magistrate Court after the SPCA issued a number of warnings to him over the heart-breaking conditions of the dogs. The 35-year-old was required to get the animals medical attention but failed to do so, according to Meyer.

“Monyai was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment or to a fine of R4 000. In addition, the Magistrate declared Moyai unfit to keep any animals for a period of 5 years,” she said.

The SPCA will continue to inspect the perpetrator’s home in the future to ensure no further instances of abuse take place. “We are pleased with the sentence. Justice was served for those dogs as Monyai now has a criminal record and was declared unfit to own any animal. We will continue with regular inspections at Monyai’s residence and also educate him about animals to prevent any cruelty in the future,” said Meyer.

Nomaqhawe Mtebele