Mama Afrika donates books to children in need

PHOTO: iStock

Although International Literacy day was on 8 September 2023, Clover turned this memorable day a notch higher by running a book drive for the month of September.

Clover’s initiative, which consists of more than 40 mamas across the country, joined hands with Mama’s across the country and launched their ‘The Clover Mama Afrika book drive.’

Professor Elain Vlok from the Clover initiative mentioned about 82% of grade 4 children read without comprehension. “They read but they cannot understand what exactly it is that they are reading.”

The idea behind the book drive was to enable access to literacy across the country that’s why these books are accessible wherever a Clover branch and a Mama Afrika representative resides.

Professor Vlok mentioned that any educational, reading books and recipe books will be highly appreciated as some of these are also for the elderly.

Mama Phomolo Raisa is the proud representative of the Clover branch in Bloemfontein.

Phomolo Raisa is the founder of Self-Help pre-school in Botshabelo. She said that the experience has been such a pleasure because she gets to witness her kiddies’ growth in literacy.

“These small little libraries provide such safety and can be seen as a safe haven for the children of the community” said Phomolo.

To donate brand new or second-hand books in Bloemfontein, contact Mama Phomolo Raisa on 062-476-6722. For general inquiries and to still donate even after September, kindly contact Geraldine Roos at 071-131-2955


Compiled by Abigail Visagie