Malema vows to pressurise the ruling party in Mangaung


The President of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema, has vowed to put pressure on the ruling party in Mangaung because of service delivery issues. 

Bloemfontein Courant earlier reported Malema will be inspecting sites that have reportedly suffered severe sewage spillages. Malema said that he will ask the EFF councillors to put pressure on  Mangaung officials to prioritise sewage spillage issues. According to Malema, issues of sewage spillages are a result of old small pipes that were not replaced with bigger pipes required by a growing population.

“We cannot continue with sewerage systems that operated in the 70s and 80s in 2022. That is a recipe for disaster. What is unfortunate is that when there are sewage spillages in town, it gets fixed within a few hours. But in our black communities the problem has actually been normalised. They live with it, as if there is nothing wrong. When you get out of the car, the place just smells badly,” he adds.

In his visit to Heidedal, Malema said that they will assist an old lady who’s in a wheelchair and could not get out of her home because of sewage spillages outside her house. He said that they will build a pavement at the home of the elderly woman and clear sewage spillages in her street so that she will be able to go out. Bloemfontein Courant also reported that Malema was expected to visit Batho, Joe Slovo and Turflaagte in Mangaung.

Kekeletso Mosebetsi