Making animal sterilisation a priority in Bloem

Inspector Duan Matthee educating members in the community during an outreach project. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Aiding in limiting the number of stray animals found in the streets, the Bloemfontein SPCA has had a number of sterilisation projects in the less privileged communities.

Senior Inspector at the Bloemfontein SPCA, Reinet Meyer, said that they do the outreach and sterilisation throughout the year. “All animals that get adopted from any SPCA must be sterilised before they go home and this include both males and females.”

According to Meyer, sterilisation is one of the best ways any caring owner can take good care of their beloved household pets.

Sterilisation has been advocated by welfare originations across the globe because of the large number of benefits that are associated with the small and safe procedure.

Some of the advantages of sterilisation, according to the Bloem SPCA, are:

  1. Sterilised animals are proven to be more loving and affectionate towards their owners and towards other animals as they are less likely to be territorial.
  2. Sterilised dogs have a low risk of suffering from certain medical conditions such as vaginal prolapses in females and prostate cancer in males and they often live longer due to fewer health related risks.
  3. Sterilised animals have no risk of producing unwanted litters, directly impacting the number of strays in the streets or unwanted animals that end up in SPCA kennels.
  4. Sterilised animals are less likely to roam and stray from your yard. This ensures that your loveable fur ball always stays safe.
  5. Sterilised animals are less likely to contract sexually transmitted diseases often found in animals that are not sterilised.
  6. Sterilised animals are often free from unwanted or less than satisfying behaviour, such as male marking/spraying.
  7. Sterilised cats reduce the amount of cat choirs in a neighbourhood.

These are just seven of the hundreds of advantages associated with sterilisation. To find out more about it, contact the Bloem SPCA at 051-447-3801/ inspectors@

Bonolo Moloi