Makgoe welcomes newly elected Provincial SGB Council

Chairperson, Archbishop Madikela Vani

Govern with integrity, fairness, and honesty. These were the words of advice that Free State Education MEC, Tate Makgoe had for the newly elected Provincial School Governing Body (SGB) Council office bearers.

“Bear in mind that the core business of the school is learning and teaching,” he reminded them.

The Provincial SGB Council is made up of the Chairperson, Archbishop Madikela Vani; Deputy Chairperson, Mosebetsi Mofokeng, and Secretary, Ntambose Mzizi.

Deputy Chairperson, Mosebetsi Mofokeng

Vani said that his 21 years of experience serving in the SGB will come in handy when dealing with governance issues. “I will also provide guidance and support to the District SGB Councils,” he said.

Mofokeng, a former educator and also a chairperson of the Child Welfare Free State, said his focus would be on highlighting the need and importance of the SGB.

Secretary, Ntambose Mzizi

Mzizi, a mathematics teacher and chess coach promised to be dedicated to her work and available at all times when needed.

The Provincial SGB Council vowed to play an advisory role to the MEC in hopes of strengthening relations between parents and the department. Their term will come to an end in 2021. – Seithati Semenokane