Make a young boy’s dream come true

Caiden Carrick. PHOTO: Supplied

A 13-year-old Taekwondo athlete has the opportunity to represent South Africa at the ATA World Taekwondo Championships in Phoenix in the USA later this year.

“It has always been my dream to travel abroad with my sport and it still is a dream to open a club in another country, but never did I think I would do so with a Protea badge on my chest. That makes it extra special,” says the proud competitor Caiden Carrick.

Carrick has been competing for the past six years. He started with Karate but along the way, his love for Taekwondo superseded his love for Karate. “I enjoy Taekwondo more than Karate, Taekwondo is more about kicking, whereas Karate is more about the hands. Taekwondo also offers a wider variety of weapons and competition classes,” he explains.

When he was only five years old, Carrick was already learning how to master martial arts and with the support and encouragement from his parents, he qualified to compete on a national level.

“I qualified for the South African National Championships that was held at Grey College in October 2022, where I achieved three gold medals and one bronze for my belt and age division. With my accomplishments at the SA Championships I qualified for the World Championships” he says.

He says that when he steps on the mat, it just becomes about that moment. “On the mat, in a fight, I try to only focus on my opponent and winning, sometimes I don’t even hear my parents cheering for me, nothing else matters at that moment. I invite and encourage all kids and adults to join a Taekwondo Club, it helps with improving attitude, perseverance, fitness, and just becoming a better overall person.”

Carrick and his parents are currently raising funds to make his dream of representing not only the City of Roses but also the country at the championships on 10-16 of July 2023. Donations are welcome.

“Any donations would help, doesn’t matter how small, we also have a back-a-buddy account set up and we are selling raffle tickets for R50, with prizes worth R15 000 to be won.”

Contact SF Naude at 074-343-2579 for more information.

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