Maimane addresses issues of education



Hundreds of DA supporters in Bloemfontein gathered near Batho Community Hall in Batho location today to hear their leader Mmusi Maimane address them.

Maimane, in his talk to the public, said he is amazed that in some areas in the country learners are still being taught under trees and they don’t have any learning text books, meanwhile in parliament there are leaders who laugh around and make jokes around serious issues.

He further added that the country needs to guarantee education for all and also improve on the education available to learners.

He emphasised that a message must be instilled in learners, that regardless of the learner’s place of birth or race, they too can prosper.

Maimane further raised a question to the jubilant crowd that why is education, in a democratic country isn’t at the appropriate standard it should be.

He said South Africa needs to open opportunities and jobs for its youth in order for them to prosper, in order for the country to have a brighter future.