Magical Moments 4 Mandela

Knitwits for Madiba saying 'Yes we wool'. PHOTO'S: Seithati Semenokane

67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day celebrated their sixth year of “knitting the country together” with a display of all their warmth by laying their blankets at the feet of Nelson Mandela’s statue on Naval Hill this past Sunday. This was part of a nationwide initiative, which sought to create ‘Magical Moments 4 Mandela’ celebrating all the hard work, effort and kindness that “KnitWits for Madiba” around South Africa have put into making their blankets for this worthy cause. – Seithati Semenokane

Bloemfontein ambassador- Lindiwe Mnguni

Bloemfontein ambassador- Lindiwe Mnguni:
This year we have been focusing on handing out the blankets. Our Free State Knitwits family is growing quite well, we’ve added luncheon clubs from as far as Boshof, Xariep and Smithfield. Our biggest challenge is, however, running out of wool. We need more donations. If you want to help, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 079-693-1333, or email or inbox us on our Facebook page.

Francina Bondis

Francina Bondis:
I’m part of the organisation, Aganang Maqheku which I started knitting for #67 blankets in February. I would urge residents to donate to the cause so that we can have more wool and be able to knit more blankets. Once the momentum starts we get going, and running short of wool deters that.

Matshediso Pule

Matshediso Pule:
This is my forth year knitting blankets, jerseys and scarfs. I sit in front of the TV with my cup of tea and knit while watching my soapies. it’s a great pastime and I’m helping others in the process.

Ntombizodwa Valtuin

Ntombizodwa Valtuin:
I joined the KnitWits about three years ago. I’ve always loved knitting and when I came across the initiative on Facebook, I knew I had to get involved. I have made 10 blankets this year alone.

Residents also dropped off their donations of clothing, blankets and other goods for the victims of Tropical Cyclone Idai in Mozambique. From the left are Ingrid Steyn, Nella Mostert, Kgadi Modise, Mossie Mostert and Lindiwe Mnguni. PHOTO’S: Seithati Semenokane