“Magashule is the face of bad administration” – DA



The DA in the Free State says the collective debt owed to Eskom by various municipalities in the province has skyrocketed since Premier Ace Magashule’s term from 2009.

DA’s George Michalakis says in the 2009/10 financial year when Magashule assumed office the collective municipal debt owed to Eskom was at a mere R127 million but five years late the debt increased by 92% to almost R1,7 billion.

He adds that Magashule’s administration team is equally to blame for the debt and the province has been far worse since his term.

"It’s not just him but his team as well that have failed people of the Free State, some are much worse since he took office," he says.

This debt was revealed by COGTA Minister, Pravin Gordhan. Michalakis adds that the people of the Free State must take note and use their votes in next year’s elections to bring change to this province.

"The people of the Free State can bring good, effective, clean and transparent governance to the province by voting for the only credible alternative, the DA," he says.