#Macufe, so far so good – FS Police

No major incidents of criminal activities have been reported at police stations in Bloemfontein thus far since the start of Macufe on Friday night.

This is according to police spokesperson, Motansi Makhele, who told OFM News that there have not been any changes in the number of cases reported.

This came after police warned the attendees of the festival and residents of the city to be more vigilant and cautious during the course of the event. OFM News previously reported that FS police spokesperson, Peter Kareli, said authorities from different government departments and private companies will be on the ground to ensure people can enjoy Macufe safely.

The Manguang Metro Municipality also issued a stern warning that motorists should be on the lookout for construction taking place on some roads in the city in preparation of the controversial Integrated Public Transport Network (IPTN) Hauweng project. The municipality especially highlighted Moshoeshoe road, Fort Hare road and the Chief Moroka Crescent.

It also alerted the public about temporary measures that were implemented at Sechaba Butchery and surrounding businesses in order to ensure smooth traffic flow and parking as this area is most affected.

The measures include of high visibility of flagmen on the roads, as well as visible Law Enforcement agencies and traffic officials.

OFM News/Elsabé Richard