Luxury meets convenience on wheels

Simphiwe Mdlalose, Yolisa Mdlalose and Tlalane Mokoena from Modish Mobile Carwash in Bloemfontein. PHOTO: GYPSEENIA LION

Business ideas come and go, some work out and some don’t. A local entrepreneur shared a story on how she tried and tested several opportunities, including selling clothes, perfume and public phones, to finally establishing a mobile car wash that travels across the city to service clients at their homes, or even while they’re having a drink in the bustling Second Avenue, for instance.

The 47-year-old Yolisa Mdlalose stumbled on the idea of establishing Modish Mobile Car Wash in December 2023. The business initially was supposed to be just a car wash in 2016, but acquiring land became too stressful.

Yolisa Mdlalose has always had a drive for entrepreneurship and has now founded, Modish Mobile Carwash. PHOTO: GYPSEENIA LION

Mdlalose noticed that most motorists may find it hard to balance the pressures of everyday life, and work. A mobile car wash was a way for her to provide convenience for her clients, while building her community. “Luxury meets convenience,” as she puts it. “This was also identified as an opportunity to create jobs for the youth, especially females and people with special needs,” she expressed.

She explained that clients make a booking and send a location pin. Her team covers a radius of 20 kilometres within the Brandwag area at fixed rates and then an extra R30 for a radius further than the 20 kilometres.

“We drive to customers and render our service, ensuring we leave them satisfied and happy always. Our staff is encouraged to look after client’s belongings and respect them always. “The company takes responsibility for any complaints received, and ensures that accountability is taken in that regard,” said Mdlalose.

Water scarcity has become an opportunity for her to encourage locals to save water as it is a priority for Mdlalose. “Using high-pressure pipes and rechargeable hoovers assist in using water economically as compared to normal tap and hosepipe water… “This allows us to use a minimum of five to ten litres per car.

“We plan to develop any available technologies that cater for water recycling and filtration, if possible,” she explained.

If your car is in desperate need of a wash, and you just don’t have the time to get out, give them a call at066-238-37989 and they will be on their way to you.

Gypseenia Lion