Love’s real character


Isn’t it strange how we experience things in a different way when we grow older?

Wisdom surely comes with experience! Unfortunately some of us go through the same experience several times without realizing that the situation will never change if we don’t change first. It is easy to wait for the other person to change, even pray about it asking God’s help. Sometimes it is our attitude that has to change first.

1 Cor 13 is not just a book we were given to read as children. If we look at verses 4-7 we see things we wouldn’t have understood as children.
Love is patient, kind, never envious, nor jealous, is not boastful. Verse 5 says it isn’t arrogant, full of pride, not rude, nor self-seeking, not touchy or resentful. It rejoices at the worthy things in life and believes the best of EVERY person. In these few verses we have to stand still and inspect each and every one in our own lives, not someone else’s.

The only way Love’s character will be seen by all who dwells the earth, is when we can all start by changing in ourselves first without any expectation from those who surround us. What a challenge!

Be blessed
Brenda Myburgh
Sheer Poise