Love Letter Foundation reaches out to the young

Members of the foundation with learners from Gonyane Primary School

A new foundation was started in order to equip young children and learners with the necessary knowledge in life.
The Love Letter Foundation, started by Zelda Mokoena, Yolisa Magibule, Siyanelisa Ndiza and Esona Kwinana, was established to provide young learners with hygiene education as well as with the Word of God.
The foundation involves more than the founding members and includes members of the community who are interested in donating towards monthly needs.
“As the Love Letter Foundation, we believe that to whom much is given, much is required. We discovered that there is a need in society for young ladies to be motivated and encouraged,” Magibule said.
“These young girls need to know that their situation does not determine who they are nor will be, but it is a stepping stone to where they are going in life and it is an inspiration to become the best version of themselves, navigating their way through life and using the blueprint we have, which is the Word of God,” Magibule explained.
Their first outreach took place at the beginning of May at Gonyane Primary School. It was much more than what the foundation expected. “Seeing those beautiful smiles we realised the impact on their lives instantly. This gave us the impression that we were definitely not ending there. It created a desire in us to strive to see more of those beautiful faces again. We have the assurance that this was the first of many to come,” the founders said.
This foundation aims to grow and to eventually include businesses willing to lend a hand.
To donate money or toiletries like sanitary towels, face cloths, toothpaste and brushes as well as bath soaps you can contact 062-759-1173 or 073-000-2506.

Jeretha Oosthuizen