#Localtastesgreat supports #Jobssavelives

Jan van den Berg, managing partner at TasteSensationsSa

Jan van den Berg, managing partner at TasteSensationsSa, has started the #Localtastesgreat campaign in support of the national restaurant #Jobssavelives and #Restaurantrescueproject, by promoting buying and eating at local restaurants, this to increase their footprint.

He told Bloemfontein Courant it is no secret how tragic the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown has affected the diverse local hospitality industry.

Restaurant owners are desperately trying to find ways to support their staff as well as to manage expenses. Van den Berg said he remembers his first job as a waiter at Spur and is now starting this campaign to raise money in support of all struggling restaurants.

He has launched Taste Sensations for restaurants to help support an industry that had supported him. He added that Taste Sensations partners with restaurants in an attempt to bring food that excites and inspires into people’s homes and to help restaurants get a better Return on Investment (ROI) from their Social Media Marketing (SMS).

“I came up with the idea when I was retrenched and unable to claim UIF since the start of lockdown. I started doing research by watching how Covid-19 has been affecting the restaurant business and came across the #thegreatamericantakeout, watching the positive impact of the campaign. I decided to start one in South Africa; this is where #localtastegreat was born and everyone knows ‘local is lekker’,” he said.

Van den Berg said that Taste Sensations is a little different from the other food ordering services. First off, you can get a lot more than food on the ordering system. “There’s a choice you have to make when jumping into the world of online ordering: third-party, owned, or both?

“According to the National Restaurant Association, three in five consumers order delivery or take-out at least once a week. A third-party integration is a great way of getting your restaurant across to thousands of potential customers.

“Third-party integrations like Taste Sensations make it simple for restaurants to get their food to hungry customers: a full service offering for today’s restaurants, online ordering and insights to SMM and enabling them to get the best ROI,” he added.

He emphasised that social media marketing is the new word-of-mouth advertising and unless you have a presence, you are essentially waving goodbye to hundreds of customers who will fail to notice you among the noise.

Looking for a way to reach a broader audience and then knowing how to use social media for your restaurant, are both essential to growing customer opportunities.

“Taste Sensations was started to help make the numbers work. No commission per order or being a slave to big online order portals. For restaurants, it can also be helpful to receive electronic orders rather than take them over the phone (WhatsApp) during operating hours,” he concluded.

To get in touch with Taste Sensations, visit their website at https://tastesenationsa.com/2020/07/21/localtastegreat, send an email to tastesensationssa@gmail.com or call 062-831-0454.

Heidre Malgas