Local projects for Magashule’s cronies-DA



The DA says most local achievements that premier Ace Magashule mentioned during his state of the province address are projects that benefit his cronies and not Free State residents.

According to provincial leader Patricia Kopane, if those achieved projects benefited everyone then the province wouldn’t face the 34% unemployment rate. Kopane was speaking at the state of the province address event held yesterday in Bloemfontein.

She says Magashule avoided mentioning corruption and other important issues because he knew he had failed the people. Kopane says nothing tangible surfaced from his address but just mere promises.

“He is playing with the emotions of the people. There is no way that the government can start with the projects he mentioned on 1st April and finish all of them before the elections. I can mention how many houses are incomplete in the province, because of a shoddy job, they failed to build proper houses for the people. Many houses are currently being demolished, so that they can be built again,” says Kopane.