Local produce helps communities during pandemic

Hapiloe Masoetsa

The Covid-19 pandemic forced 27-year-old Hapiloe Masoetsa to think on her feet after she had lost her job in July. As a result, she started Nkhaketse, a local agriculture business that helps support her family and provides fresh produce at great prices to her community.

The economics graduate from the University of the Free State started the agriculture business together with her mother and sister with the intention of growing and running a farm. According to her, the pandemic forced them to start working earlier than they had prepared for.

Some of the fresh produce from Nkhaketse

Masoetsa had one goal and that was to make the lives of others easier during this time. “Because of the lockdown and pandemic, we decided to make life easier for people by delivering vegetables at their doorstep. Our intention was to try help people minimise worrying about going out to stores and also bringing them fresh produce at an affordable price,” said Masoetsa.

Working in the agriculture industry with no experience can be challenging at times said Masoetsa, but she has fallen in love with the process and at the same time she has seen personal growth. “This has been a wonderful journey so far, not easy at all, starting from nothing. I think the most encouraging thing is meeting new people who don’t know you every day and just giving words of encouragement and support. It’s really amazing.”

Nkhaketse currently offers a wide variety of vegetables such as carrots, onions, green pepper, garlic cloves, gem squash/butter nut, potatoes, tomatoes and spinach.

To get your hands on fresh, locally grown produce, call or WhatsApp Masoetsa on 074 738 3779.