Local fitness guru gives lockdown exercise advice

Shine Banyane doing exercises at home to keep healthy during lockdown. PHOTO: LEBAKENG NKABI

Keeping healthy during lockdown is important to prevent colds and flu and to build a stronger immune system. Although movement is restricted by regulation, a few home exercises for the whole family can do the trick.

This is according to Shine Banyane, head coach of Karate South Africa and self-defence instructor. Banyane, who resides in Botshabelo, Bloemfontein, says it is a very difficult time for people to keep healthy by doing exercises and taking part in recreational activities as the Coronavirus regulations have been making it difficult.

“However, people should not be discouraged. There are simple things they can do to stay fit, such as playing netball. Parents can participate by being poles and using their hands as scoring posts. This a very easy way to keep healthy and have some fun as a family.
“This will also help to lower the prevalence of domestic violence as playing together or doing exercises together makes people generally more happy.
“Another benefit of exercise at home is the fact that it helps with the fight against cancer and high blood pressure among others. It also helps with building strong bones that are easy to heal if they are broken,”  Banyane adds.
Banyane warns that people should warm-up their muscles before doing exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups, because exercising can be dangerous if the muscles are not warmed-up.
“People can do this by walking around the house or stretching their arms and putting their legs on a chair without bending their knees. When they are done exercising, they should allow their muscles to cool down in order to relax them.”
Lebakeng Nkabi