Local DJ rides airwaves

Local DJ and producer Romario Smith, better known as Uncle-R

Local DJ and producer Romario Smith, better known as Uncle-R, has South Africans dancing to the beat of his drum – this after his new hit single titled “Spirit” made it onto a national radio station.

The song, which is a collaboration between Uncle R and vocalist Dearson, caught the attention of South African DJ, television personality, radio presenter and businesswoman Lamiez Holworthy. According to Smith, after hearing the new hit single, Holworthy “instantly fell in love” with it. She has since played the song on her DJ sets, as well as Metro FM.

Although the song has not yet been officially released, it caught the attention of many people. The song will be released in two weeks’ time. “The anticipation around the song has been overwhelming since it has not yet been released. I always knew that this was going to be a special song, but I never thought it would become so massive and more like a national dance floor anthem. I’ve been working for this moment for over five years, experimenting and perfecting my craft. So for my hard work to be finally recognised all over South Africa is a dream come true,” said Smith.

Smith started his music career in 2017 after relocating to Pretoria to pursue his dream to become a pianist. He enrolled at an institution where he studied music theory but later dropped out when he was introduced to music software. “I then started fiddling around with the software creating beats and I realised for me to get my music out there I need to become a DJ,” said Smith.

His goal for this year is to release a 4 or 5 track EP and make more music for mainstream and commercial radio stations.

For more on his music follow Smith on Facebook at Uncle-R.

Pierce van Heerden