Local company patches Bfn’s potholes


Recent rain throughout the province caused extensive damage to Bloemfontein roads, leaving the city with multiple potholes.

OFM News reports that one local company, Maliepo Pty’s Road Division, has taken it upon themselves to limit this damage by starting to fill potholes throughout the city.

The company’s engineer responsible for civil works, Palesa Moshanyana, says they fill potholes by using their self-manufactured cold mix asphalt around the city. Moshanyana says the asphalt they manufacture, uses a Polymer liquid solution, made up of plastic molecules which are flexible to the extent that it can be used in dry or wet conditions.

Cold mix asphalt is the most basic of asphalt types. As the name implies, cold mix asphalt does not require heating for application.

“It’s very difficult driving, and the driving quality is deteriorating. We believe with more rain coming, it’s only getting worse. So, as members of the community, it is our duty to not always wait for someone else to do it, but to act if we have the means to do it,” says Moshanyana.

She further adds that their operations took to the streets of Westdene and Heuwelsig on Tuesday and will continue the initiative across the city, wherever they can help. “With our manufactured solution, which is durable throughout any condition, we can help the community that we live in,” concludes Moshanyana.

OFM News/Blaine Jones