Local company conducts mass sanitising

The Kenworth Group employed 82 young community members to sanitise informal settlement, Caleb Motshabi, addressing possible traces of Covid-19.

Major Bloemfontein retail company, Kenworth Group, has taken it upon itself to help disadvantaged communities fight against Covid-19 by sanitising homes and public areas in Caleb Motshabi and the Bloemfontein CBD.

This comes after mass screenings were conducted by the Department of Health in Mangaung last week. According to Kenworth Chairman, Freddie Kenny, informal settlements such as Caleb Motshabi are vulnerable to exposure to the Coronavirus as social distancing is not always possible in these areas.

“Caleb Motshabi is one of the densely populated areas in Mangaung. Densely populated informal settlements have a higher likelihood of this infection because of the difficulties of social distancing,” he said. “It is also a fact that residents in informal settlements do not have enough access to basic services such as water and sanitation, therefore making them more vulnerable,” added Kenny. The sanitising operation on Wednesday included providing fumigating and disinfectant sprays with Gemitrol chemical as well as disposable overalls, gloves and masks. The company employed almost 100 young community members to conduct the sanitising mission.

“We employed 82 youth and divided them into four 20-member teams with supervisors to go into the community. In addition to the sanitising teams we also had trucks and front-end loaders picking up the piled up garbage at all street corners and dumping it at the dumping area,” explained Kenny. The project continued throughout the week with the sanitising of streets and handing out of sanitiser to commuters taking place on Saturday. “We know we can never do enough but hope that when we do help, we give hope to those in need,” Kenny concluded.

Nomaqhawe Mtebele