Local artists hold exhibition at Gallery on Leviseur


Nocturnal Meanderings, an exhibition by Studio Clowder, a group of local artists will be held at Gallery on Leviseur tonight. The pieces included in the show will include black and white illustrations and water colours amongst other artworks.

According to one of the artists David Griessel the artworks are to be enjoyed by people from all works of life. “The art I think is very accessible to people from all backgrounds because you do not need a degree in art to understand it,” he explained.

Studio Clowder is made up of Griessel, Linki Lutz, Chris Venter and Martinus van Tee. “We try to create work that is technically good so I think that people will enjoy that side of it. They will get to see how we work with different mediums such as ink and water colours. It really is an exhibition for everyone that will take people on a fantasy flight to different worlds,” said Griessel.

“We invite you now to take your own meander through our nocturnal expressions. There is no correct route between works and no order in which they ought to be viewed. We hope that by participating with our nocturnal meanderings your own day dreams may take on a different form,” expressed Griessel.  The exhibition opens at 18:30 from 14 March until 7 April 2019. – Nomaqhawe Mtebele