Load shedding to (hopefully) remain at stage 2 for Saturday

Eskom load shedding.

Eskom is implementing stage 2 load shedding on Saturday, after going up to stage 4 on Friday.

“Last night [Thursday] we implemented load shedding because we wanted to augment water resources. Some of the units we expected to come back [online] did not come back,” Eskom’s spokesperson explained on Friday.

“Further to that, this morning [Friday], because of the rain, we are starting to experience coal-handling issues because some stations now have wet coal, and thus more units are not able to generate.”

This follows Eskom not only continuing load shedding for far longer than initially advertised on Thursday.

They said they had suffered “further unplanned breakdowns”.

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The embattled power utility has once again been struggling with capacity after being hit by these “unplanned breakdowns” that went beyond the 10,500MW threshold.

They apologised to the country on Thursday and said that if people lowered their demand in a “concerted” way, it would help minimise strain on the grid.

However, a cold front and very wet weather has no doubt been putting pressure on the system.

Consumers have been advised to check their local schedules to see how they will be affected.


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