Load-shedding: Bloem speaks out

Eskom load shedding. Photo: Twitter

Although residents have been assured that the load-shedding that had been implemented recently was no cause for alarm as the power system is being “effectively controlled”, this is yet another period of time people have been left powerless. Bloemfontein Courant spoke to the man/woman in the street about how they feel about load-shedding.
– Nomaqhqwe Mtebele

Pannas Maasdorp

Pannas Maasdorp:
“There is no use in getting your blood pressure up by stressing about load-shedding. We just make a plan because we are here on Earth to survive. We know the Eskom story, so we do not even want to talk about that. We just have to learn to cope with it. I have lots of candles in my house and I make use of solar lights. I started using solar power in my garden but now I use it indoors as well.”

Selloane Phakisi

Selloane Phakisi: 
“I use a desktop and you know, it can be hassle when you do not save documents. The load- shedding can result in losing an hour or two’s worth of work. I have not really experienced it at home because it usually happens while I am at work instead of during the weekend. All I can say is that it really is a big inconvenience, especially in a country like South Africa which is seemingly better than other African countries.”

Gerhard Buys

Gerhard Buys:
“I have things at home that are sensitive to power outages. I have a hydroponics garden, so if the pumps stop my plants die as there are no backup systems in place. I am not too happy about that. Fortunately, it does not affect me directly too much because most of the time it happens while I am at work. However, that does mean that some things will have to be done manually and it can be risky.”

Lucky Qach

Lucky Qacha:
“It is a big inconvenience for me as an entrepreneur because I lose money. I have to pay for certain things and at the end of the day nobody cares whether there was load-shedding or not. It is a big time inconvenience. Although, I do understand that it was not caused by the current president but is a culmination of happenings over the past nine years. However, if our government can get away from corruption then we will not have things like this in the future.I supply roof ridges and at the moment we just do as much as we can while there is electricity.”

Ilse van der Walt

Ilse van der Walt:
“I am a fulltime housewife, I cope because we have a gas stove which helps a lot but I am mostly upset when I am in an area where there are businesses. Seeing how the small businesses suffer really upsets me. A few weeks ago I was in Cape Town and it struck me how terrible it is for them. Some of them have to close because many of them do not have backup generators. I am sad for those people and for our country because people are struggling to get out of this mess.”

Lawrence Ferreira

“If we leave this issue to be solved by politicians we will be faced by the same thing in the next five years. It is very upsetting because it affects the economy, businesses and our everyday lives. It is a big problem and I do not know what South Africa is going to do about it but surely we must all stand up together and solve this problem.”