Little boy needs wheelchair

The 12-year-old Vuyo Mcqebisa with his mother, Molelekeng PHOTO: SEITHATI SEMENOKANE

The 12-year-old Vuyo Mcqebisa was born with deformed legs. He is able to stand, but not for too long. He mostly crawls to get around.

Mcqebisa lives in Phase 10 in Mangaung, and does not attend school. “As a little boy we could not tell that he would have a walking problem.We just thought he was taking his time to walk, as children don’t develop at the same pace. When he was two, we realised this was a problem. His legs were sort of twisted in an odd way. We then took him to National Hospital where they discovered that he had a problem,” explained Molelekeng.

In 2013, when he was six years old, they operated on Vuyo’s legs, to straighten them. “We thought that he would be able to walk after the operation because they had given him plastic shoes to strap onto his legs to help straighten them, but they hurt him so much he would cry even before we put them on his feet,” she said.

Although he receives a child grant, it barely covers his cost of living. He currently receives treatment at Pelonomi Hospital. “We need help getting a wheelchair for him so that he can stop crawling. I will then not have to carry him for long distances, as he has become very heavy. We are also trying to get him a disability grant,” she explained.

South Africa Social Security Agency (Sassa) said that since Vuyo is under the age of 18, depending on the severity of his disability, he might qualify for a Care Dependency Grant. They advised the family to visit the Sassa offices.

To assist the family in any way, please contact Molelekeng Mcqebisa on 063-124-9878.

Seithati Semenokane