Litter, weather conditions reason for dead fish

PHOTO: The Citizen

This past week, dead fish in the lake at the Loch Logan Waterfront has been getting much attention from the residents of Bloemfontein who walk by when entering the mall to do their shopping.

According to Marketing Consultant, Meryl Henning, who consulted Prof. Seaman from the University of the Free State, the dead fish in question are as a result of two factors, which followed in quick succession. One reason is the oxygen levels of the water which dropped due to the intense heat wave Central SA suffered last weekend, followed by the first rain of the season on Wednesday.

“The rain caused a huge amount of organic matter, dirt, waste and litter that accumulated in the storm-water drains throughout the city to flow into the lake, lowering the oxygen levels even more.  Unfortunately, as a result, a number of fish succumbed, especially at the entrance to the lake.  These are removed daily by our staff,” she said.

Henning further explained to Bloemfontein Courant that while the Loch Logan Lake is in fact municipal property, the dead fish problem is one caused by the community of Mangaung as a whole as litter and other organic matter land up in the storm-water pipes which ultimately all feed into this lake.

In response to Courant’s inquiry, she explained that the owners of Loch Logan Waterfront, the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences of UFS and the department of Parks and Cemeteries of the Mangaung Metro have taken hands to monitor, clean and manage the water.  She further added that, the Loch Logan Waterfront spends thousands every month on a boat, a boatman and maintenance of the fountain in the water which provides oxygen for the wildlife.

“The staff and students under Prof. Maitland Seaman from the UFS do regular water testing on oxygen content and chemical levels, while the Department of Parks and Cemeteries plant special plants on the banks of the lake to increase essential gasses and chemicals,”  Henning explained. Bloemfontein Courant sent an inquiry to the municipality but had no received anything by the time of publication on the web.


Sazly Hartzenberg