Limited space for late registering students



In light of student registration in various universities underway, Central University of Technology (CUT) Spokesperson Dan Maritz says they always encourage students to apply and register online in order to avoid long queues around the institution.

“We look forward to 2015, as you know we have now used the online registration, which is a very innovative approach towards registration at the university and in fact it allows our students to enrol while they are at home, they don’t have to come physically to the university anymore,” he explains.

Maritz added that they are encouraging students to make sure they apply on time before they come to the university.

“By applying early, students can avoid queuing around the institution; we discourage any queuing on campus. All the students who are on campus are students who already applied last year so we are busy making sure that they admitted on the system,” he says.

According to the university about 2800 students have already been admitted while the space available for admission for new students for this year is standing at 3700. “Students who don’t come back to the institution create space for those who may not have applied early and in such cases we are able to accommodate a handful of students, yet the space is not as big as some think,” Maritz states.

The university’s Academic Administration explains the availability of space at CUT is based on the university’s enrolment plan that the university and Higher Education Department agree upon with particular emphasis on funding that CUT receives from Higher Education Department.

The institute highlights that first year students and parents should understand the requirements per qualification and which are available on campus.

Some of the factors that affect applications to be unsuccessful include students who apply late without relevant information, students who do not ask for information on time and students who do not know what they want to study.