Life Rosepark celebrates great nurses

The Life Rosepark Hospital recipients of this year’s G100 Nurses Awards are Emcé Kilian, clinical training specialist, and Janine Appies, registered nurse in the Covid ward at the hospital.

Life Healthcare, one of South Africa’s private hospital groups, annually celebrates its nurses through the Great 100 Nurses awards. The Life Rosepark Hospital in Bloemfontein’s award recipients were registered nurse Janine Appies from the Covid-19 ward and clinical training specialist, Emcé Kilian.

Appies and Kilian were nominated by their colleagues,
line managers, doctors and non- nursing personnel, based on professionalism, compassionate caregiving, clinical competence and leadership qualities. Appies said she was humbled by the honour bestowed upon her. “There are so many great nurses who do not get acknowledged for the job they do. Especially during the past year. This award is an honour for me and my team.” Nursing has always been Janine’s passion. She said caring

for sick people and watching them get healthy and strong again are what she loves the most about her job.

“Being chosen as one of the Elite 100 Nurses in Life Healthcare is much more than what I ever hoped for and I will wear my pin with pride,” said Kilian. Sharing her knowledge and passion for her profession with somebody else is something she loves to do. Not only is she responsible for training in the hospital but she also assists with quality control, audits and identifying areas they can improve on.

“I think Life Healthcare’s ‘Making Life Better’ sums up what I love most about my job. As nurses we have the opportunity to do this on a daily basis. We can impact not only our colleagues but also our patients, families and even our communities. I love knowing that today I have made a difference or could help somebody who needed me,” she added.

This year’s national event could not take place due to the pandemic, however, the hospital held a small celebration function at the hospital to honour their recipients. The function was attended by hospital- and regional management.

“Through our Great 100 Nurses awards, we acknowledge our nurses who contribute to our top- class hospital nursing team. The awards are one of the ways in which we highlight the positive impact

of our nursing excellence and quality care. Our nurses deserve
to be honoured and recognised for their commitment and dedication
to delivering compassionate, thoughtful care to our patients,” said Hein Rossouw, hospital manager.

2021 marks a decade of honouring 100 Life Healthcare nurses from around the country who have made a significant difference to the profession of nursing and
in the lives of patients, peers,
Life College of Learning nursing students and the community.

Justine Fortuin