Life Rosepark announces G100 nurse winners

The G100 Nurse Award winners from the Life Rosepark Hospital is Tebello Duma, enrolled nurse, and Frieda Lindeque, registered nurse, both from the maternity ward at Life Rosepark Hospital. Seen here with Christina Fourie, deputy nurse. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

On Friday 10 May 2024, the Life Rosepark Hospital in Bloemfontein recognised their Life Healthcare G100 nurse winners and acknowledged the vital role of nurses on International Nurses Day.

According to Hein Rossouw, Hospital Manager of Life Rosepark Hospital, International Nurses Day is an important day on the hospital calendar because it allows them to honour and celebrate the nurses for their incredible commitment to excellence in patient care.

“Our nurses not only work hard to provide quality nursing but they heal the body, mind and soul for many of our patients, with compassion and care,” he said.

He added that nurses received messages from Life Healthcare executives, gifts and vouchers from Life Healthcare. The day’s activities ended with the announcement of the two Life Healthcare G100 nurse winners from Life Rosepark Hospital, enrolled nurse Tebello Duma and registered nurse Frieda Lindeque.

“Through Life Healthcare’s Great 100 Nurses awards, we acknowledge our nurses who contribute to our top-class hospital nursing team. The awards are one of the ways in which we highlight the positive impact of our nursing excellence and quality care. Our nurses deserve to be honoured and recognised for their commitment and dedication to delivering compassionate, thoughtful care to our patients,” said Rossouw.

Life Healthcare’s Chief Nurse Officer, Merle Victor, said: “We recognise and applaud the work you do, not only for our Company but also for the people in your communities. Your compassion, care and professionalism are highly valued and contribute significantly to the overall well-being of our organisation, individuals and society as a whole.”

Compiled by Justine Fortuin