LHP not making grass grow under their feet

The islands are now neat after the grass has been cut

Many communities have taken service delivery in their areas into their own hands. They have started cleaning up their streets, cutting the grass as well as filling the very dangerous potholes that have caused many people severe tyre damage.

Tobie Fourie, chairperson of AfriForum Langenhoven Park, said that AfriForum, together with two other people from the community, has cut the overgrown grass in Du Plessis Avenue as well as in Jan Spies Street and at the corner of CP Hoogenhout Street.

“We have cut the grass, picked up rubbish from the streets and pavements and swept the pavements, among other things,” he told Bloemfontein Courant.

Fourie added that Raubex and The Park Wheels in Langenhoven Park took the initiative to sponsor the tar and helped with the filling of potholes in the area.

“We did this on our own, mainly because there is no collaboration or response from the municipality. It was and still is a big headache. So it must come from the side of AfriForum. Members of the public have also decided to jump in and make a difference and not just sit on the side-line and criticise. We have two Locust lawnmowers, three brush cutters, spades, rakes and gloves – all for cleaning up – which we will make available to the people of Langenhoven Park.”

Fourie has invited anybody who wants to make a difference somewhere in Langenhoven Park, to contact him on 073-196-8887.

“There are already people in Du Plessis Avenue who have jumped in to make a difference. I want to thank them for their contribution to the project!

“We are also negotiating renting a tractor with bush cutter to cut large portions in LHP, but everything costs money. I would like to invite residents to contact me for any donations, or even better, monthly contributions to keep up the maintenance. It can make a big difference,” he concluded.

Heidre Malgas