Letters – 8 September 2016


Recycled sewage water

Good day
With reference to the article of doom regarding the current water crisis in Bloemfontein (25/8, pg 1) and what each political party has to say. The time to play blame games is over. We as South Africans have to work together. There is not enough water – period – and just recycling grey water will not be the solution. Over 3000 toilets have been installed in Botshabelo and these toilets are to be connected to the main Mangaung water lines. No boreholes (to my knowledge – just double check) have been sunk to supply these toilets with water. I personally would not like to use a toilet that does not have running water, so an alternative solution has to be found.
What I suggest is that there should be two water lines to each home. One with clear water for the kitchen and bathroom and a second for the gardens and toilets. The second would be recycled sewage water and of course parents would have to keep an eye on the kids – no playing in the sprinkler! All water is then recycled.
Furthermore, are Bloemfontein’s municipal boreholes all in working order or will Bloemfontein be in the same predicament as Kroonstad? While the dams are at such a low level, why are they not being dredged to make space for the rains that will come?
Lastly, all Mangaung inhabitants need to be educated on saving water. We all need to understand that water is scarce and only God can make it rain – not man!
Courant Reader

Be creative and save water

Dear Courant
We have a corner unit in a townhouse complex with a big garden. We have many ways of saving water. Herewith a photograph of our garden’s new look.
I would love to share my ideas with others.
Amal de Vries
Tel. 083 508 9113