Lesotho author finds her voice


Mother, author, motivational speaker and rape survivor, Carol Natasha Motolo, has turned a harrowing experience in her life into a beacon of hope for herself and others. Born and bred in Tsikoane, in the Leribe district of Lesotho, Motolo has always had a dream to alleviate poverty in Lesotho.
Ten years ago she left her home to pursue her entrepreneurship dreams in Johannesburg, but life took its toll on her. She went through many trials and tribulations. “After being raped I experienced many challenges. I was battling depression, abuse, making wrong decisions in my life, and I had developed a preference for chaos and disaster. I did not have any tools to help me deal with my own emotions,” she said.
When she gave birth to a premature baby boy, doctors told her that he might not make it, but she held on to her faith and through God’s grace, the baby is still growing strong.
This is when Motolo decided to pen down her life’s journey. “Out of all things that I have been through, I felt that God has led me this far, how about I write a book sharing my life experience and hopefully encourage somebody that might be on the same path, just to remind them that things happen and you can move on and things can get better,” she added.
She published her book, Living in Faith, which she describes as a book about the excitement that comes with trusting God. “Readers are going to find motivation that is going to guide your daily life, as I share how I dealt with different stages in my life. People think that it’s a book written for women but it’s for everyone, it teaches you how to be a better husband, father, mother, how to accept yourself if you are single, etc.” she explained.

Carol Motolo’s inspiring book, Living in Faith

Motolo has also established a non- profit organisation called Carol Motolo Foundation, which is a faith-based, community developmental organisation that aims to create a safe environment where rape, injustice and other societal ills against women will be a thing of the past.
To find out more about Motolo’s book and foundation, visit www.carolnatashamotolo.co.za, or call 071-041-3391. Living in Faith is also available from Amazon books.

Seithati Semenokane