Learners celebrate the role played by teachers


Over 1000 Fichardtpark Primary School pupils gathered at the school’s sports grounds and sang the school anthem with pride in acknowledgement of the role teachers play in their lives.

In celebrating the role that teachers play in building the nation, learners also gave their teachers letters and chocolates. Fichardtpark Primary School headmaster, Marius Kriel, said this celebration was also in acknowledgement of World Teachers’ Day which is globally acknowledged on 5 October.

Kriel mentions that in most cases, this day falls under South Africa’s school holidays, which makes it difficult for teachers to celebrate it with their learners.

Kriel says the 2016 World Teachers’ Day was celebrated under the theme “ #ThanksTeacher or #DankieOnnie”, hence learners at the school took the initiative of showing appreciation to their teachers.

They celebrated this year’s Teachers’ Day with their teachers yesterday.

“They each wrote letters to their favourite teachers to thank them for the effort that they make in teaching and disciplining them,“ Kriel said.

Kriel says beyond teaching the curriculum, teachers at the school also strive to teach their pupils principles to uphold.

“As a Christian value-driven school, we aim to teach our learners the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions. We also teach them about social cohesion and mutual respect for fellow human beings,” he said.

Kriel adds that World Teachers’ Day does not only serve as an acknowledgement to teachers, but also aims to inspire young generations to pursue a career in education.

Katleho Morapela/Courant News